Go Beyond Cookies and Stay Ahead in a Privacy-First World

November 11, 2023

The impact browser privacy has on your marketing campaigns and why Google Analytics-based dashboards may be inaccurateWhat changes to make to guarantee trust in your marketing attribution and customer journey analytics dashboardsHow to track logged-out users for over one year with Snowplow and Snowflake (and consent)The struggle is real and it’s here to stay: browser privacy is making an impact on your marketing campaigns. Organizations are facing an increasingly challenging landscape to track users. The combination of regulation, tracking prevention technology, and user privacy results in businesses making the wrong decisions from inaccurate and incomplete marketing attribution and customer behavior dashboards.In April 2023, Apple Safari 16.4 introduced further restrictions on first-party cookies, imposing a maximum 7-day lifetime of server-set cookies for many tracking setups. Subsequently, with the introduction of Link Tracking Protection in Apple iOS 17, marketers cannot connect ad clicks to an exact user from links in iOS applications and Safari private browsing.Join Snowplow, Snowflake and Slalom to instill confidence in your marketing attribution and ensure trust in your customer journey analytics dashboards by mastering the essential adjustments needed. You’ll also learn:

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