Getting SEO Data from the Rank Ranger API using Python

April 21, 2023

Note that the 6th element of the list is a dictionary which is one of the ways Python stores data. ), the Rank Ranger API only requires the:Campaign IDDateDomainSearch Engine IDYou can even request whether you’d like all the rank data per keyword or the highest rank per keyword using the include_best_rank parameter. Let’s get the keyword rank data using the above to build the API request using the rank_stats API endpoint. Obviously, the format of the rank data is not very useful to us if we want to export and create a report in Excel or just simply eyeball the data. The request 'r' is the API URL we called includes the API URL, the 'packages' API endpoint (highlighted in yellow), the api key and the output which is set to json:We print 'r' so we can see whether the API call managed to connect (or not):Below we get a 200 response which is a good sign:

The source of this news is from Rank Ranger