Get These 6 Types of Backlinks (+ 4 Types to Avoid)

March 01, 2023

I will walk you through the six types of backlinks that will boost your SEO efforts and, more importantly, four types to avoid. ContentsSix best types of backlinks for SEOAlthough there are many types of backlinks in SEO, only some of those are worth taking the time and effort to acquire. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular types of backlinks and how you can land them. Backlinks from public speakingGranted, these types of backlinks are not for everyone. And here, you can see the link in the Backlinks report in Ahrefs’ Site Explorer:Types of backlinks to avoidNow that we’ve covered some of the best kinds of backlinks you can build for your site, we need to look at the types of backlinks you should avoid.

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