GA4 readiness: 23% have fully adopted, 50% still learning, 16% yet to begin

July 04, 2023

With the standard version of Universal Analytics sunsetting tomorrow (July 1), we asked you:What level of readiness are you (and/or your team) at when it comes to switching to GA4 from Universal Analytics? Despite plenty of frustration:Almost a quarter of respondents said they have fully implemented and already are using GA4. The takeaway from those statistics: more than 90% of our joint readership is aboard the GA4 train, for better or worse. “An unfinished product rushed to market.” “It’s not that the masses aren’t ready for GA4, it’s that GA4 isn’t ready for the masses. The UI is terrible.” “Terrible UI, terrible reporting.” Selected comments from poll respondents.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Land