GA4 Custom Dimensions Guide to Pro-Level Analytics

December 09, 2023

In this article, we’ll explore:What the custom dimensions in GA4 areThe available types and scopes of custom dimensionsWhy you should use custom dimensionsHow GA4 custom dimensions differ from those within Universal Analytics. You can set up to 25 user-scoped custom dimensions, 50 event-scoped custom dimensions, and 10 item-scoped dimensions as standard GA4 properties. Here are some specific examples of how marketing agencies can benefit from GA4’s custom dimensions: Agencies working with e-learning companies can use custom dimensions to track their clients’ online course completion rates. Types and scopes of GA4 custom dimensionsThere are two types of dimensions in GA4: predefined and custom. Editing and deleting GA4 custom dimensionsEditing and deleting your custom attributes in GA4 is a simple and intuitive process.

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