From SERPs to CHERPs: Generative AI results need their own name

August 10, 2023

GoogleThe chat results page consists of:Two paragraphs of text (one dedicated to a Search Engine Results Page; the other to a Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan). New BingThe chat results page consists of:One paragraph of text (only discussing a Search Engine Results Page). ChatGPTThe chat results page consists of:Nine paragraphs of text, including an ordered list of six items (only discussing a Search Engine Results Page). Even if you have strong organic visibility in search results, will that matter if your competitors are getting cited (and potentially clicks from) the chat results above the organic search results? SERPs and CHERPs will co-existTo be clear, SERPs will continue to exist – as long as Google and Bing serve search results.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Land