Explore Microsoft Bing Deep Search With GPT-4 & Generative AI Plans For 2024

December 07, 2023

What Is Microsoft Bing Deep Search? Integrated with the advanced GPT-4 AI technology, Deep Search aims to deliver more relevant and comprehensive responses to complex search inquiries. Deep Search In Action: Perplexity AI Copilot Using GPT-4If you want to get a feel for how Deep Search works, try the Copilot search feature powered by GPT-4 in the Perplexity Pro plan. Microsoft’s Generative AI Plans For 2024In addition to Deep Search, Microsoft plans to expand access to more AI features powered by GPT-4. Multi-Modal Bing Image Search With GPT-4 VisionIn an innovative move, Microsoft is merging the power of GPT-4 with Bing image search and web search data, creating a Multi-Modal with Search Grounding feature.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Journal