Data-Driven Decisions for Monetization: How to Get More Out of Your Content

February 07, 2024

The discussion also touches on tools that can be used to enhance content strategy and monetization. AgendaThe importance of data-driven decisions for monetizationConnecting content strategy to monetizationThe use of tools to enhance content strategy and monetizationThe role of ad servers in ad optimizationThe evolution of ad optimizationTakeawaysThe value of data in content strategy and monetizationIn the webinar, Kean Graham, founder and CEO of Monetize More, prioritizes the importance of data in making informed decisions about content strategy and monetization. The potential of programmatic deals in monetizationDuring the discussion, Graham highlights the benefits of programmatic deals for monetization. The use of technology in optimizing ad monetizationGraham demonstrates the use of technology in optimizing ad monetization. This, Graham said, can significantly assist publishers in making informed decisions on their content strategy.

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