Core Web Vitals: What They Are & How to Improve Them

March 19, 2024

How to Check Your Site’s Core Web Vitals PerformanceHere’s how you can run a Core Web Vitals test with four different tools:1. Core Web Vitals Report in Google Search ConsoleThe “Core Web Vitals” report in Google Search Console (GSC) uses real-world data to give you an accurate picture of how users experience your site. How to Improve Your Core Web Vitals PerformanceImproving your Core Web Vitals scores doesn’t have to be daunting. Further reading: Core Web Vitals Most Common Issues and How to Overcome ThemTips for Prioritizing Core Web Vitals FixesThe key to successfully addressing any Core Web Vitals issues is prioritizing them. Boost Your Site’s User ExperienceYour site’s Core Web Vitals performance plays a large role in how users experience your site.

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