Content Pruning: Why It Works, and How to Do It

March 27, 2024

How content pruning works (with real examples)There are a few mechanisms through which content pruning might improve your website performance:Pruning pages can help make better use of your crawl budgetGoogle allocates a certain amount of time and resources to crawling a website, known as crawl budget. In these cases, content pruning could allow you to make better use of your crawl budget. By pruning content that you don’t want indexed, you’re reducing the total amount of pages that need to be crawled and increasing the likelihood that other, more important pages, end up crawled and indexed. Removing low-quality pages might help the remaining content rank betterSome of Google’s systems—like Helpful Content—look at your website as a whole to help influence where your content is ranked. As Google explains:“Having relatively high amounts of unhelpful content might cause other content on the site to perform less well in Search, to a varying degree.

The source of this news is from Ahrefs