Chrome HTTPS Lock Icon Is Going Away

May 04, 2023

Chrome announced that it will soon transition the Chrome browser away from the lock icon that signals a secure HTTPS connection and introduce a more neutral icon that they believe will present a better user experience. Why HTTPS Lock Icon Is Going AwayThe lock icon is an artifact from a time when secure connections were the exception and not the norm. When HTTPS was rare, the lock icon drew attention to the additional protections provided by HTTPS. Misunderstandings are so pervasive that many organizations, including the FBI, publish explicit guidance that the lock icon is not an indicator of website safety.”Lock Icon De-emphasisChrome has been in a process of de-emphasizing the lock icon over the past five years, beginning in 2018 when they proposed changing the icon. New HTTPS Tune IconGoogle is updating the HTTPS icon in order to more accurately communicate the HTTPS status of a website as secure but without inadvertently implying safety.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Journal