ChatGPT & PPC: 7 Ways SEMs Can Leverage AI Tools (Festive Flashback)

January 02, 2024

How To Use ChatGPT For Keyword DiscoveryWhile Google’s Keyword Planner is a great tool for finding new keywords, ChatGPT provides a good alternative. So rather than starting with a landing page URL, we’ll prompt ChatGPT to find keywords similar to existing ones. Prompt Inputs GPT Response find 5 keywords similar to these: “amazon ppc tools”,”optimize amazon ppc”,”amazon advertising software”,”amazon ads automation”,”amazon ppc automation”,”amazon ppc software”,”amazon ppc management tools”,”amazon ppc automation software”,”amazon ads software”,”amazon sponsored ads management”,”amazon ppc management software” 1. Dynamic search ads (DSAs) and Performance Max campaigns use a site’s webpages to determine relevant search terms that should trigger an ad. [Recommended Read] → PPC Trends 2024ConclusionGenerative AI like GPT and Bard are opening up a slew of new automation opportunities for PPC advertisers.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Journal