ChatGPT for link building: A primer

March 04, 2023

In this article, I’ll be showing you how ChatGPT can be used for link building and why it’s a valuable addition to your link building toolkit.” – ChatGPT, prompted by Kevin RoweYes, I think I will do just that. Prompt: “Write an outline for that article about using ChatGPT for link building, using that template.”This isn’t a lousy outline for less than 5 minutes of work. Using ChatGPT for link building: A case studyCase study overviewThe importance of using ChatGPT for link buildingAfter using ChatGPT for research and testing it with my team, the business case for ChatGPT is to:Build a deeper understanding of specific tactics and tools. A brief background on link buildingCurrent landscape of link buildingWhich link building technique should you use? ChatGPT for link building – a promising use caseContent marketing and link building are different from programming.

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