Building An Integrated Search Strategy

February 17, 2023

Every search engine is different; in results, modes of search, and keyword intent (i.e., what keywords we use on each search engine varies). As you begin your integrated search strategy, looking at one search engine can help you start to think about the others. Overreliance and underinvestment in looking at each search engine’s data will limit your ability to create an integrated search strategy. On-Site Search (OSS)Since the interface (and the functions of that interface) impact our search behavior, your top internal site search keywords (i.e., what keywords your website users are using within your own search bar) within your website will never fully align with what you see in Google Search Console, for example. The buyer’s journey helps you to start building an integrated search strategy across the big three search engines of Amazon, Google, and YouTube.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Journal