Blog Post Checklist: Check All Prior to Hitting “Publish”

September 14, 2023

A single-author blog for consistencyA (business) blog with multiple co-authors;A business managing multiple paid contributors;A business owner outsourcing content to ghost writers, etc. ImagesAnother very important element of any blog post. Here are more checklists you may find useful for blogging:FAQ: Blog Post Checklist: Check All Prior to Hitting “Publish”What is the purpose of the blog post checklist? The blog post checklist is designed to help bloggers and editors publish well-formatted articles consistently, without having to compromise on the creativity of the writing process. The blog post checklist focuses on:Structuring standards (including catchy subheadings and succinct paragraphs)Proper linking to relevant articles and sourcesCreating well-formatted listsAdding appropriately styled and attributed images.

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