Big Change To Google’s Product Structured Data Page

May 09, 2024

Google Product Structured DataProduct structured data is essential for ecommerce and product review websites because they help make them eligible for rich result listings in Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs). When correctly deployed, the product structured data can make a significant contribution to the amount of traffic received by a website and earnings. The original document, Product Structured Data, was renamed to Introduction To Product Structured Data. Merchants, product review site publishers and SEOs now have three product structured data documents to read:Introduction To Product structured data Product Snippet Structured Data Merchant listing Structured DataIn addition to the above changes there’s a new blue tinted callout box that draws attention to the Product Variant Structured Data page that replaces similar text that was buried in the document and easily overlooked. Read The DocumentationReview the original version of the documentation:Internet Archive: Product (Product, Review, Offer) structured dataRead the new documentation:Introduction to Product structured dataProduct snippet (Product, Review, Offer) structured dataMerchant listing (Product, Offer) structured dataFeatured Image by Shutterstock/achinthamb

The source of this news is from Search Engine Journal