Beyond keywords: How entities impact modern SEO strategies

July 07, 2023

The transition from “search engine 2.0” to “search engine 3.0” has brought significant changes, particularly with the introduction of entities. It appears that many SEO professionals still operate under the rules of “search engine 2.0′, even though “search engine 3.0” now follows a slightly different set of rules. Refresher: How we arrived at search engine 2.0Before exploring the differences between “search engine 2.0” and “search engine 3.0”’, let’s review the core changes from the initial version 1.0. Search engine 2.0 vs. 3.0As we transitioned from “search engine 1.0” to “search engine 2.0”, we had to update our mental models and change our practices. To clarify these new distinctions and provide guidance on modifying your approach, I will present an oversimplified yet useful comparison of “search engine 2.0” and “search engine 3.0”.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Land