Beyond Bard: A Conversation With Google’s Yury Pinsky on AI & the Future of SEO

November 11, 2023

–Yuri Pinsky, 02:16Step behind the curtain and into the world of Google’s Bard with its Director of Product Management, Yury Pinsky, in an exclusive conversation with SEJ Editor-in-Chief Amanda Zantal-Wiener. [13:23] – Impact of generative AI and Bard on SEO and content creation. –Yuri Pinsky, 23:54In the sciences and the medical field, there could be lots of interesting breakthroughs in drug discovery in climate applications. –Yuri Pinsky, 32:47Connect with Yury Pinsky:Yury is a Product Manager for Bard, leading areas including Extensions, Factuality, and multi-modality. Outside of work, Yury enjoys spending time with his family, planning his next vacation, and the daily logistics of kids’ extracurricular activities.

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