Better PPC account health in 2024: How to avoid modern pitfalls and wasted spend

January 04, 2024

Regular audits of Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising campaigns are crucial for PPC marketers. Broad Match without smart bidding or audiences“Google will tell you that broad match can: Get you a 35% improvement in your target Cost Per Action (CPA). Using broad match with those two things works well, but using it without does not.”“Make sure you’re always layering on audiences and smart bidding with your broad match campaigns.”2. Broad Match campaign setting“There is a broad match campaign setting that you need to really be careful about:”“If you turn this setting on (see picture above), it’ll say use broad match keywords for your entire campaign. That’s a really important point.”Hidden settingsMackey went on to address the many hidden settings in both Google Ads and Microsoft Ads – and how to deal with them.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Land