Awakening Dead Content with DAM and AI

October 29, 2023

Four uses of AI to streamline your asset workflowsHow and when to involve human reviewTips for tracking results and showing the impact on your bottom lineDon't let old visuals and dead designs haunt your brand's customer experience. With the right mix of a digital asset manager and AI, it’s easy to increase the use and repurposing of digital assets across teams and regions.We know that the visuals and designs we use enhance the customer experience, generate brand awareness, and ultimately foster brand loyalty. But it’s costly and time consuming to keep your brand fresh while keeping track and updating outdated assets across your growing digital footprint.We’re going to explore how digital asset management (DAM) and AI can help your marketing and creative teams reuse, repurpose, and transform assets to bring your customer experience to the next level.So grab a coffee - and maybe that bowl of candy you’ve been eyeing by the porch - and join Jake Athey and Faith Robinson to explore how DAM and AI can give your content operations a boost.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Land