Are 400 Errors Bad for SEO?

October 29, 2023

Why 400 Errors Are Bad for SEOWhen it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), encountering a 400 Bad Request error can have negative implications for your website’s search performance and user experience. 7 Common Causes of 400 ErrorsThere are several reasons why a 400 Bad Request error might occur:Invalid URLIf the URL structure is incorrect or contains invalid characters. When the app tries to make its 101st request within the hour, it responds with a 400 Bad Request error. How to Find 400 Errors with Screaming FrogRun a crawl with Screaming Frog and look under “Status Code” to find all instances of 400 errors:How to Fix 400 ErrorsFixing 400 Bad Request errors involves identifying the root cause and then addressing it. Conclusion on 400 ErrorsWhile a sporadic 400 error might not be catastrophic, recurrent issues can negatively impact SEO and user experience.

The source of this news is from Gotch SEO