April 2023 Reviews Update Is Officially Over

April 26, 2023

Google’s April 2023 reviews update has finished rolling out on April 25, 2023, bringing to an end what seemed like a fairly significant update to many publishers who were affected. This is the understated announcement to what was a consequential update to many:“Incident affecting RankingReleased the April 2023 reviews update. DATE TIME DESCRIPTION25 Apr 2023 11:24 PDT The rollout was complete as of April 25, 2023.”Google April 2023 Reviews UpdateThe April 2023 reviews update was notable for the fact that it now affects more than just products. Sites affected by the reviews system update may need to honestly assess their content and methodologies. Reviews by third parties, like user generated reviews, are not evaluated as part of the reviews system algorithm.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Journal