About Those Google AI Search Quality Raters

January 26, 2024

There’s been a significant amount of speculation about the motives behind Google’s firing of Appen, the company that provides Search Quality Raters, with many expressing this may be the dawn of a new era of AI search quality raters. The firing of the search quality raters may mean that Google plans to roll out AI search quality raters at scale. Some SEOs were speculating that the firing of the Appen workers was a sign that Google might replace the quality raters with AI quality raters. And the thing about SEOs worrying about Google AI search quality raters, expressing fear of a nightmare scenario and speculation about whether it’s even possible to have an AI that can rate webpages for search quality is that machines, including AI, have already been in use for years at Google for rating webpages for search quality. What we do know at this point is that Google isn’t getting rid of the human search quality raters and that Google already has systems that rate webpages for search quality.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Journal