A Revenue-Boosting Blueprint to Ignite Marketplace Sales and Dominate Paid & Organic Campaigns

July 30, 2023

What to consider when linking into marketplace apps from Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and other social media appsCase studies on how linking into the Amazon app increases sales and remarketing opportunities 2-5XHow to link to the Amazon app and other marketplaces from paid social ads while attributing resultsHow to link into marketplace apps from Instagram stories and other use cases while attributing results to specific linksHow to scale app deep linking across tens of thousands or millions of linksMany social campaigns fail simply because marketing teams need the right tools to maximize conversions. When increasing sales on Amazon and other marketplaces, you may be missing the mark on targeting, tracking, and attribution.Join Scott Allan, Chief Marketing and Solutions Officer at URLgenius, in this webinar to learn how to increase revenue with practical tips your marketing team can put into practice for immediate, measurable impact. You'll learn how to unleash the full power of DTC social media advertising and organic engagement to amplify your brand visibility and capture the attention of your ideal customers.Topics covered:This a must-see session for any DTC brand or brand influencer!

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