A Deep Dive into the World of AI and SEO with Jon Gillham

October 29, 2023

With his extensive background in building online businesses and driving them with SEO, Gillham has been at the forefront of the AI movement. Evolution of SEO StrategyHaving been in the industry since around 2008-2009, Gillham has witnessed significant shifts in the SEO landscape. The Rise of AI in Content CreationThe conversation then transitioned to the current “hack” in the industry: AI-generated content. AI-Generated Content in SEOWhen asked about his stance on AI-generated content in SEO, Gillham mentioned that he uses both human-reviewed AI content and purely human-generated content for his sites. ConclusionThe podcast interview provided a deep dive into the world of AI and its implications for the SEO industry.

The source of this news is from Gotch SEO