7 Inspiring Content Marketing Examples (And Why They Worked)

September 02, 2023

These seven examples came from filtering over 6.2B live pages in English by organic traffic and referring domains. Estimated monthly organic traffic: 2.8MBacklinks: 20.9K from 10.3K domainsThis content marketing example is so effective that someone built an entire business on it. Estimated monthly organic traffic: 1.3MBacklinks: 234K from 10.3K domainsCoinDesk is an online magazine devoted to cryptocurrencies, web3, and the underlying technology. Estimated monthly organic traffic: 140KBacklinks: 16.6K from 570 domainsCars.com’s Auto Loan Calculator does exactly what it says on the tin. Final thoughtsEvery one of these examples relies on creating something of value (content) and promoting it to interested audiences (marketing).

The source of this news is from Ahrefs