6 Steps to Build an SEO Business Case With SEO Forecasting Data

November 02, 2023

Essentially, forecasting traffic potential and measuring the ROI of SEO allows you to build a business case around SEO, providing justification for the importance of organic search insights. How to Create an SEO Business Case Alligned With Company GoalsForecasting data reveals a direct connection between SEO goals (i.e. If you’ve already identified the keywords you want to build this business case for, you can tag them and filter them in the platform. The Full Process of Building an SEO Business CaseWith the forecasting data you've collected above, you can now approach your SEO business case in a data-driven, insightful way. The creation of an SEO business case can generally be thought of in six steps:Gather a CTR, ideally for mobile, desktop, brand, and non-brand.

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