6 reasons why SEO audits seem like a waste and how to fix them

April 09, 2024

“SEO audits are a waste of time.” That one hurts to read, doesn’t it? Especially if no SEO team has a deep understanding of what you are dealing with, an SEO audit will help you to get up to speed. Repeat after me: An SEO audit is not an SEO strategy. Why SEO audits are seen as a waste of time and how to fix themNow, we will take a look at a few (other) problems that create the perception of “SEO audits being a waste of time.” Knowing these problems is good, but having the right solution is even better. Dig deeper: What your enterprise SEO audit may be missingSEO audits done the right way are not a waste of timeOne would see SEO audits as a waste of time because of the problems outlined above.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Land