5 Ways SEOs Should Embrace Content Teams

August 21, 2023

Five Key Ways SEOs Should Be Embracing Their Content TeamsFocus on outcomes over outputsMove away from being robots and embrace creativityMove away from perfection paralysisEmbrace experience is Queen alongside content is KingConduct the band, don't dictate to it5 Ways You Should Embrace Your Content Team1. A warm welcome to the In Search SEO podcast, Ashley Liddell.In the episode, Ashley shares five ways SEOs should embrace content teams, including:Ashley: Good morning, David.D: You can find Ashley over at ashleyliddell.co.uk . As SEOs, we tend to say that we need to create this piece of content to meet this keyword. But if we can bring content strategists into that conversation and say, "How is this piece of content going to help me move people through the user journey? As content creators or as content strategists, we could create what we believe is the perfect piece of content.

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