5 ways AI is the future of SEO – and 5 ways SEOs still have job security

February 24, 2023

Everyone in SEO is buzzing about AI following announcements from Google and Microsoft about forthcoming AI-powered search functionality. Here’s a closer look at five ways AI is helping SEOs – and five ways it still has a long way to go. AI creates markup and formulas – but inaccuracies aboundIn addition to keyword ideation, Cole has used AI to write regex, Excel formulas and schema. AI writes content – but struggles with facts (and duplication)While some SEOs are using AI tools to produce content, such as generating blog topics, outlines and FAQs, content creation is where things can get dicey. In addition, Schneider Electric is looking into the power of generative AI and other AI tools to become greener – and more inclusive.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Land