5 Things to Know About SEO for NFT Companies

April 06, 2023

Five things you should know about SEO for NFT companies with Brendan AwOptimizing title tags and meta description URLsHave good UI/UXUse searchable platforms for content distributionKeyword researchBuilding E-A-T1. A warm welcome to the In Search SEO podcast, Brendan Aw.In this episode, Brendan shares five SEO tips for NFT companies, including:Brendan: Hi, guys.D: Hey, Brendan, great to have you here. So Brendan, how different is SEO for NFT companies?B: For a start, the barrier to entry for SEO for NFT companies in terms of SEO isn't very high at all for the simple fact that the majority of them don't even do it. So most of the time NFT companies do not do that. You wouldn't be trying to look for quick wins, because as NFT companies you are already under so much scrutiny.

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