5 Things to Know About Programmatic SEO

July 20, 2023

Five key things you need to know about programmatic SEOStructure your programmatic asset to make sense for users and Google botsContent production strategyUse unique SEO metadataUse structured data, FAQ schema, and breadcrumbsKeep monitoring5 Programmatic SEO Tips1. That's what we're discussing today with an in-house SEO lead, passionate about programmatic SEO, content, and driving growth at scale. A warm welcome to the In Search SEO podcast, Anna Uss.In this episode, Anna will share five things to know about programmatic SEO, including:Anna: Hey, everyone, happy to be here.D: Thanks so much for joining. So Anna, today, you're sharing five key things you need to know about programmatic SEO. But first, how would you define programmatic SEO?A: Well, programmatic SEO is an emerging concept.

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