401 vs 403 Error Codes: What's the Difference?

March 22, 2024

401 vs 403 Status Codes and Their SEO ConsequencesWritten by Yevheniia Khromova Reviewed by Ivanna Vashyst 14 min readWhen accessing a website, you may stumble upon 401 or 403 HTTP response codes. Understanding the difference between 401 vs 403 error codes can be confusing as both signal access denial, security, and user authentication issues. How to monitor 401 and 403 HTTP errors on your websiteTo keep 401 vs 403 errors under control, you must actively monitor them. Identifying 401 and 403 error codes with the Website Audit ToolSE Ranking’s Website Audit tool makes identifying forbidden vs unauthorized status codes a breeze. User Authentication Insights (401): For 401 errors, examine the log entries for details about user authentication failures.

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