4 Powerful Advertising Features in Google Analytics (GA4)

November 07, 2023

Analytics advertising features were a set of optional features in Google’s now-discontinued Universal Analytics (UA) platform. This lets you tailor the advertising features in Google Analytics’s platform to deliver detailed insights that can improve your advertising campaigns. The benefits of linking your Google Analytics property and Google Ads account include unlocking the ability to:Analyze Google Ads campaign performance in the Google Ads campaigns report in GA4Use Google Ads dimensions like cost-per-click in the user acquisition reports in GA4Import GA4 conversion events into Google Ads for cross-platform conversion trackingUse custom audiences from GA4 in Google Ads remarketing campaignsThese benefits make both platforms more useful in advertising campaigns. Then, under the Product Links subheading, click “Google Ads Links.”You’ll see any existing Google Ads links listed in the table. On the next menu, click “Choose Google Ads accounts.”A sidebar will open, showing all of the Google Ads accounts you can access through your Google account.

The source of this news is from Semrush