301 Redirect: What It Is & How It Impacts SEO

February 28, 2023

301 Redirects on Shopify StoresAs with WordPress, implementing 301 redirects on a Shopify store is relatively simple and straightforward. 301 Redirects on BigCommerceIf you’re running a store on BigCommerce, here is how to add 301 redirects:Navigate to Settings › 301 Redirects. 301 Redirects on Magento StoresIf your ecommerce store runs on Magento, the functionality to add 301 redirects is built right into the platform. Common 301 Redirect Mistakes & How to Avoid ThemHere’s how to find and fix the most common issues with 301 redirects. Using 302 Instead of 301 RedirectsA common issue among SEOs is not knowing whether you should apply the 301 redirect vs. 302.

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