3 Ways To Block Google From Indexing AI Chatbot Content

August 08, 2023

Google’s Search Advocate, John Mueller, recently advised website owners to consider ways to block artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot content from indexing. — John Mueller (official) · #NotABot (@JohnMu) August 7, 2023The public service announcement (PSA) essentially provides three different methods of blocking the indexing of AI chatbot responses by Google’s algorithms. AI chatbots are becoming increasingly common on websites across the globe, providing instant customer service and engagement. But AI-powered agents can also produce inaccurate content that website owners may not want to be a part of their human-edited and generated content. AI chatbots may generate content that can dilute the quality or relevance of a site’s indexed content, potentially affecting the site’s overall SEO performance.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Journal