17 Best B2B Marketing Tools to Use in 2024

December 25, 2023

B2B marketing tools can give you the data and features to reach more people than your business size would usually allow. Google Search Console: Measure Search PerformanceWhile other tools offer a lot of search data, Google Search Console (GSC) tells you everything. Mailchimp: Supercharge Your Email Marketing CampaignsIf you use Google Docs to collaborate on email marketing copy, you’ll need email marketing software to format and distribute your content. Its email marketing tools let you:Import subscribers from your customer relationship management (CRM) platformSegment contacts based on location, engagement, and activityCreate and automate customer journeysAutomate workflows (e.g. With Hunter, you can find the content marketing manager or chief marketing officer at a company so you pitch your services to the right person.

The source of this news is from Semrush