15 Key Marketing Automation Statistics for 2024

March 12, 2024

What’s the marketing automation industry market size, what are the adoption rates of marketing automation and which benefits it brings to businesses? Continue reading as we’ll cover answers to these questions with these recent marketing automation statistics. Here’s what you’ll find on this page:Marketing Automation Industry RevenueLeading Players in the Marketing Automation Software IndustryMarketing Automation Budget ChangesTop Channels Where Marketing Automation UsedTop Benefits of Marketing AutomationMarketing Automation and Customer Data Platform IntegrationMarketing Automation Industry StatisticsIn 2024, marketing automation is steadily growing, with spending reaching billions every year. Other commonly used marketing automation tools include Adobe Experience Cloud (7.97%), Welcome (7.68%), Oracle Marketing Cloud (7.37%) and Active Campaign (6.99%) – DatanyzeAs of February 2024, marketing automation software solutions available from at least 398 companies – G2Marketing Automation Usage and Performance StatisticsMarketing automation software is widely used as a part of the effective marketing tech stack. Only 9% of marketers report no success from their marketing automation efforts – Ascend2ConclusionWe hope you enjoyed this list of marketing automation statistics.

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