100+ Eye-Opening Content Marketing Statistics for 2023

February 22, 2023

Content Marketing BudgetsBudget will play a significant role in content marketing this year. Julia McCoy, VP of Marketing - Content at ScaleSo, content generated by reliable human content specialists and content teams—whether it be an in-house resource or an agency—is still a good investment. Regardless of company size, of those that reported extreme success in content marketing, 70% said they do indeed measure content marketing ROI. Content Marketing JobsAre you ready to build up your internal content marketing team? Of those 10,000 listings:50% were content marketing manager roles26% were content marketing specialists8% were content marketing director roles5% were content strategist roles4% were copywriter rolesThe top three desirable qualifications among senior-level content marketing positions were:Excellent written and verbal communication6 years of relevant experienceRelevant bachelor’s degreeSimilarly, the top qualifications for non-senior marketing jobs were:Relevant bachelor’s degreeExcellent written and verbal communicationStrong time and project management skillsThree years of relevant experienceSenior positions had a heavy writing (29%) and analytics (25%) focus, while writing (61%) and video (40%) topped the skills requested for non-senior positions.

The source of this news is from Semrush