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New Open Source ChatGPT Clone – Called Dolly

Open Source GPT Chat took another step forward with the release of the Dolly Large Language Model (DLL) created by the Databricks enterprise software company. Open Source Large Language ModelsThe Dolly LLM is the latest manifestation of the growing open source AI movement that seeks to offer greater access to the technology so that it’s not monopolized and controlled by...

Analyzing The February 2023 Product Review Update

2 days ago

Here’s a glimpse into a few of the things I saw as a consequence of Google’s February 2023 Product Review Update. In the case of the February 2023 Product Review Update (PRU), I almost didn’t write this post. Deep-Dive Analysis...

7 Best SEO Certifications: Are They Worth It?

Aug 26, 2022

I’ll give you one guess about the answer to the titular question: Is getting an SEO certification worth it? SEO certifications can be valuable if you’re new to the industry or expanding your skillset into different disciplines. Developers, designers, writers,...

Maximize Email Engagement and Personalization with Data & AI

Jan 21, 2023

Chris FreshcornManager, Digital Marketing, ManheimCurrently a Digital Marketing Manager for Manheim, a Cox Automotive company, responsible for marketing communication strategy and execution for all Commercial and Key Accounts. In total, I have over 10 years of automotive marketing experience in...

The Power of Programmatic Advertising: Stay Relevant With This Reliable Tactic

5 days ago

Lindsy O'ConnorSenior Sales Director at AdtaxiLindsy O'Connor has worked in digital advertising consulting for over 10 years. She joined the Adtaxi team in 2010 and has expanded her digital expertise by advising brands across the country on ways to engage...

6 new Reddit Ads Manager features

5 days ago

Reddit has announced a series of updates to its Ads Manager to accommodate its growing global advertising business and cater to the diverse needs of its advertisers. These changes are effective immediately and offer specific improvements for self-service clients and...

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