Dec 27 2022

The standard SEO writing process

Mila Anika


Google is becoming increasingly difficult to predict with "overly SEO tricks," especially when it comes to creating unnatural backlinks after Google's Penguin update operates in real-time. This is bad news for the SEO community, which focuses on backlink techniques, but it is good news for those who follow the overall SEO approach and focus on content.

If designing a SEO-standard website (including website structure and technical optimization for the website - Onpage) is the foundation, then Content SEO is the "meat". How to write a content that is both interesting and standard in terms of SEO factors, retaining users and increasing social interaction is definitely something that the current SEO community will be concerned with (when backlinks become difficult).

The standard SEO writing process:

Step 1. Identify the main keyword and secondary keywords

Each page on the website (Home, category, post, tags, pages) will be responsible for and only one main keyword representing the detailed search needs of customers.

Customers often search for diverse, long and short keywords, so in addition to the main keyword, each Page can SEO a few more secondary keywords. (For example: how to write, write the best SEO articles...).

Step 2. Search for materials (3 to 5 contents, images, videos...)

It will be difficult for you to write something completely new because by now most industries, products, and services already have content on other websites.

If you are a pure SEO person, it will be quite difficult to write an attractive article without knowing anything about what you are writing.

A small tip is that you can refer to the content of 3 to 5 other articles.

By the way, you should prepare images and videos before writing the article.

Step 3. Standard SEO article structure

You need to Research the main keyword and choose the theme of the article

Write the title tag containing the keyword to be SEO

Write the meta description tag containing the keyword

Build the standard SEO article structure (refer to the top 10 high-ranking competitors)

Write the first paragraph containing the main keyword

Write the content of the article with subheadings (H2, H3) containing the main keyword and secondary keywords

Insert images and videos into the content with the alt tag containing the main keyword

Step 4. Optimize the URL

The URL must contain the main keyword

Step 5. Tag interlinking and internal linking

Tag the article with relevant tags

Internal linking to relevant articles on the website

Step 6. Check and fix the Onpage error

Use the Onpage SEO checker to check and fix errors such as:

  • Title tag longer than 70 characters
  • Meta description tag longer than 156 characters
  • Keyword stuffing
  • Image without alt tag

Step 7. Social share

Share the article on social networks

Step 8. Offpage optimization

Build backlinks from high-quality websites.

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